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Machine For Grinding Telescope Specula

Apr 08 2013 no xvii machine for grinding and polishing lenses and specula for telescopes is an article from transactions of the society instituted at london for the.

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Mirror Blanks And

    Apr 17 2021 this listing is for a telescope mirror grinding machine and supplies specifically it is called a fixed post grinding machine made popular by the youtube videos of gordon waite basically its a heavy turntable driven by a browning speed reducer and a direct current variable speed motor with a fixed post for the grinding tool all riding

  • The Late William Lassell

    As a further preparation he contrived a polishingmachine to imitate as closely as possible those movements of the hand by which he had been accustomed to produce perfect surfaces on smaller specula the essential difference between this machine and the polishingmachine of lord rosse as stated by the astronomer royal is that in lord rosse

  • Description Of A Machine For Polishing Specula ampampc

    Description of a machine for polishing specula ampc with directions for its use together with remarks upon the art of casting and grinding specula and description of a twentyfoot newtonian telescope equatoreally mounted at starfield near

  • Lassell W 1799

    Description of a machine for polishing specula ampc with directions for its use together with remarks upon the art of casting and grinding specula and a description of a twentyfourfoot newtonian telescope equatoreally mounted at starfield near liverpool by w lassell

  • Henry Draper

    Europe he began the construction of a kosse machine for grinding and polishing a 15jinch speculum a preliminary trial on a smaller mirror 8 inches in diameter and 11 inches in focal length having proved satisfactory the large speculum was successfully cast on the 2d or 3d of november the casting turned out to be

  • Mirror Grinding Machine G W Ritchey

    George willis ritchey built this mirror grinding machine at the yerkes observatory in williams bay wisconsin in the late 1890s under the sponsorship of george ellery hale the machine was used to grind a series of telescope mirrors starting with a 24inch and then a 60inch mirror for a telescope initially intended for the yerkes

  • Waite Research Mirrors For Telescopes

    Grinding 1475 quartz telescope mirror 27 whats new gordon built the new grinding machine to accept easilyinterchangeable turntables the turntables just lift right off the machine there is a socket on the drive shaft actually just a pulley and the turntable has three mating pieces that drop down into the socket holes changing

  • Grinding A Telescope Reflector With Tool

    Grinding a telescope reflector with toolgrinding device by george f tauchmann grinding telescope reflectors of 15inch diameter and over makes it necessary to employ a motordriven turntable small mirrors are generally ground and polished by rotating the tool fastened to the turntable and working the mirror blank by

  • Grinding Machine For Large Telescope Mirrors

    Grinding machine for large telescope mirrors i designed and built a grinding machine for mirrors up to 42 inches 11m in diameter by slipping on and off a couple of belts the machine can quickly be reconfigured for spinning work or for stroking work the machine can also work smaller mirrors if the drip pan is moved to the fast shaft on the side of the

  • Making Two Matching 30 Inch 076m Telescope Mirrors

    Grinding time per mirror was 5 hrs of 500 grit 5 hrs of 220 grit and 4 hours of 6090 grit grinding times for the tool are double the individual mirror numbers step 11 cast a new tiled tool to finish grinding goal make a replacement tool to finish grinding the mirror faces as the first tool

  • Mikes Telescope Workshop

    I finally decided it was time to build a machine to help me grind the edges of the blanks true and round this is my homebuilt edge grinding machine for grinding down my homecast mirror blanks click to see the whole project this is a 125 inch diameter 15 inch thick lightweight honeycombback telescope mirror blank that i made

  • Rogers Refractor Building Page

    I will assume that you have made mirrors before and thus wont describe the basic processes of grinding and polishing glass or testing an optical figure by means of a knife edge or ronchi tester many books exist which detail these processes my personal favorite is jean texereaus how to make a telescope willmannbell 1984

  • Telescope Mirror Blanks Manufacturer And Supplier

    If one of our standard telescope mirror blanks isn’t exactly what you’re looking for advanced glass can custom make a telescope mirror blank to your specifications agi can manufacture mirror blanks up to 40 in diameter agi can diamond machine id holes into your mirror

  • The Rosse Six

    Jul 29 2016 parsons improved the techniques of casting grinding and polishing large telescope mirrors from speculum metal and constructed steampowered grinding machines for parabolic mirrors his 3 ft 90 cm mirror of 1839 was cast in smaller pieces fitted together before grinding and polishing its 1840 successor was cast in a single

  • Christiaan Huygens And His Telescopes

    Lens grinding and polishing is very delicate and precise work it is also very heavy manual work and very timeconsuming to lighten this hard labour for himself christiaan designed and built his own lensgrinding and polishing machines figure 2 one of the greatest problems with lens grinding is to make a suitable lap

  • Tut44 Making A Mirror Grinding Tool

    Making a mirror grinding tool by allen malsburry the average person would never think i can make my own telescope most amateur astronomers believe i can buy a better telescope than i can build neither is actually correct for many decades now amateur

  • Mirror Grinding Machine

    My mirror grinding machine for a long time ive wanted to build a machine for grinding telescope mirrors dennis rechs mom designs finally inspired me to just get up and do it over the years id been collecting motors gear boxes pulleys

  • Types Of Mirror Grinding Machines

    Nov 16 2018 types of mirror grinding machines posted in atm optics and diy forum hi to all i am planning to make a mirror grinding and polishing machine but i have limited knowledge about these machines because of this i have some questions to someone who has some experience with those machines some machines have fixed supportes and some of them have a prestaltic moving arm

  • Machine For Grinding Telescope Specula

    Now it may be stated that no machine has ever been made or can be made to grind perfect speculum by itself machines require constant alteration of the stroke during the process and it is with the view of showing why this is necesary that reference to them requires to be made before describing the simple method devised by the

  • Making My Own Fixed Post Mirror Grindingpolishing Machine

    Oct 15 2012 page 1 of 2 making my own fixed post mirror grindingpolishing machine posted in atm optics and diy forum hey guys im thinking of making my own fixed post mirror grindingpolishing and curve generating machine ive got loads of questions regarding the design so ill just start firing away do i need an eccentric moving tool to be able to polish a mirror

  • On Polishing The Specula Of Reflecting Telescopes

    On polishing the specula of reflecting telescopes by w lassell frs vpbas lld of the telescope the figure may be sensibly parabolic up to near the margin of the of this part of the machine a represents the speculum as placed in position on the bosses of the tangentwheel h figs 1 amp 2 b is the principal spindle with

  • Build Your Own Telescope Part 1 The Mirror – Thomas

    Rough grinding this step is about making one side of the glass concave it will give your mirror its overall focal ratio if you make the centre deep you will end up with a fast telescope eg fd 4 well suited for deep sky observations on the opposite a shallow mirror eg fd 8 will be performing very well on planets and the

  • Scopes Specula And Accessories Tenders – Tenders For

    Scopes specula and accessories tenders from india 39 scopes specula and accessories tenders are published by various tendering authorities amp private companies 39 live tender for scopes specula and accessories are available in scopes specula and accessories tender section you can further filter scopes specula and accessories tenders by tender value tender submission date

  • William Parsons 3rd Earl Of Rosse

    Sep 26 2005 the first constructor of reflecting telescopes on a large scale william herschel never published anything about his methods of casting and polishing specula and he does not appear to have been very successful beyond specula of 18 inches diameter his 4foot speculum the 40foot telescope having been little used by him see discussion

  • Stellafane Links Page

    Stellafane external links provide links to related information on amateur telescope making mirror making optics other astronomy clubs and local area links to the springfield vermont area a large list of links to other web sites we hope you will find

  • Surgical Instruments

    Surgical instruments unmatched service for twenty five years hospitals and medical facilities have trusted us to provide highquality surgical instruments that meet surgeons exacting standards we work hard to find specialty surgical instruments so you dont have to thank you for your trust

  • Amateur Telescope Making Main Page

    Telescope formulas and design comparator this page has formulas for many telescope and mirror parameters it will calculate parameters for two different telescope designs and compare the results for you it provides data to help in selecting a telescope and also provides information necessary for mirror making and

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine

    Telescope mirror grinding machine mirror making and optical testing the images below show the completed grinding machine in its new garage in october 2001 grindingpolishingmachine – lcao telescope making telescope mirror grinding and polishing machine after i had made the 41cm telescope mirror by hand i had decided that i needed a

  • Mel Bartels Amateur Telescope Making

    The iau named asteroid 17823 bartels discovered 1998 by jmroe in recognition for my contributions to amateur astronomy making is the key to knowing a telescope mirror is arguably the most accurate surface made by human or machine amazingly you can grind a mirror by hand and make a telescope with simple hand

  • Telescope Making Supplies

    Throughout the grinding and final lapping stages the objective has been to reduce pits and scratches to the smallest possible size however no amount of grinding can produce a surface smooth enough or sufficiently transparent to meet the needs of a firstclass telescope objective different techniques are

  • Surgical Instruments Products

    With our k nig and f rst branded surgical grade instruments obtain significant cost savings without compromising quality read

  • John Hadley

    With the description of a machine contriv’d by him for applying it to use in philosophical transactions of the royal society 32 1723 303–312 also see a letter from the rev mr james pound rector of wanstead frs to dr jurin secretary rs concerning observations made with mr hadley’s reflecting telescope ibid

  • Stellafane Atmmirror Making Myths

    You may notice that many commercial telescope advertisements proclaim they use hand figured optics in fact this is one of the best and least expensive ways to get an accurate surface on a mirror most machines just cant hold the tolerances necessary and any good telescope optic including the mirror you could make in your kitchen should

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