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Us Patent 3 942 643 Superconducting Magnetic Separator

1 a selfflushing magnetic separator system comprising a hollow closed container having a housing a cover means for fastening together said housing and said cover an inlet for feed liquid and an outlet for separated liquid matrix means including a ferromagnetic matrix and first and second magnetic pole members on opposite sides of said matrix disposed in said container between said inlet.

  • Method And Apparatus For Performing A Magnetic Separation

    A device for performing a magnetic separation purification procedure on a solution which includes magnetically responsive particles and is contained in a reaction receptacle said device comprising a receptacle carrier unit constructed and arranged to receive and releasably hold the reaction receptacle a magnet moving structure which includes at least one magnet said magnet moving structure being

  • Us Patent For Apparatus And Methods For Magnetic

    A magnetic separator for isolating magneticallylabeled substances of interest such as immunological agents from a nonmagnetic test medium using a method of high gradient magnetic separation the target substance is contacted with microscopic magnetic particles having a receptor for binding with the target substance the test medium containing the magnetic particles is held in a non

  • Us Patent For Multiple Matrix Assembly And Matrix Unit For

    A multiple matrix assembly for a magnetic separator including a container a plurality of magnetic matrices arranged in a longitudinal stacked array in the container each matrix having a feed area and a collection area on opposite longitudinal ends transverse to the longitudinal axis of the container and the flow through it and having a peripheral portion surrounding it and extending

  • Full Text Of quotofficial Gazette Of The United States Patent

    An illustration of a 35 floppy disk software an illustration of two photographs images an illustration of a heart shape donate an illustration of text ellipses full text of official gazette of the united states patent and trademark office microform

  • Separation Characteristics Of Open Gradient Magnetic

    An open gradient magnetic separator using solenoid magnet was proposed simulation study was performed to investigate the basic separation characteristics of our separation method by analyzing the

  • Magnetic Separation — The Prospects For Superconductivity

    Apr 01 1975 a separator using a quadrupole magnetic structure was constructed and used at the francis bitter national magnet laboratory by kolm in 1968 for beneficiation of molybdenum ores3 as feed in i magnetic particle matrix i i a field liquid out f iow fig1 schematic drawing of high gradient matrix separator flux return shell tube magnetic

  • Us Patent For Superconducting Magnet System With Cooling

    Apr 28 2016 a superconducting magnet system is provided the superconducting magnet system includes a coil former superconducting coils supported by the coil former and one or more cooling assemblies the cooling assemblies are in thermal contact with the coil former and include one or more cooling tubes for receiving a cryogen passed therethrough the cooling assemblies are detachably

  • Magnetic Separation Using Superconducting Magnets

    Aug 01 2001 in 1984 in germany a prototype rotary drum magnetic separator using a multipole superconducting magnet with a maximum field strength of 30 t was manufactured although it had difficulty simultaneously generating strong magnetic fields and high magnetic field gradients at room temperature from this development project a superconducting coil

  • Study On Buildup Of Fine Weakly Magnetic Minerals On

    Badescu v murariu v rotariu o rezlescu n 1996 a new modeling of the initial buildup evolution on a wire in and axial hgmf filter journal of magnetism and magnetic

  • Us Patent For Optogenetic Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Both pulse sequences were designed to have 35 35 cm 2 inplane field of view fov 05 05 05 mm 3 spatial resolution and 3 s temporal resolution grebold fmri was designed to be a twodimensional multislice gradientecho sequence with fourinterleave spiral readout 750 ms repetition time tr and 12 ms echo time te resulting in

  • Cn100443868c On

    Discuss 229920000642 polymers polymers 0000 title claims abstract description 133 238000001069 raman spectroscopy methods 0000 title claims abstract description 75

  • Us Patent Application For Rail

    Feb 09 2016 a railbound maglev train comprising a guide rail which predefines a travel path having at least one supraconductive element 2 and a levitating vehicle which is arranged on the guide rail and has magnetic means 6 wherein the magnetic means interact magnetically in a contactless fashion with the travel path and at least one supraconductive element 2 comprises at least one supra

  • Superconductor High Gradient Magnetic Separator

    Fig 1 is an isometric view of the high gradient superconductor magnetic separator according to the invention fig 2 is a top view of the high gradient superconductor magnetic separator shown in fig 1 fig 3 is a longitudinal cross sectional view of the high gradient superconductor magnetic separator taken on line 33 of fig

  • pdf A Three

    Figure 3 ftirmicroscopy characterization of the 3d phc with point defects a reflection blue at 0 8 sample tilt and transmission red purple and green for respective sample tilt angles of

  • pdf Handbook Of X

    Handbook of xray spectrometry second edition revised and expanded download handbook of xray spectrometry second edition revised and

  • ‪supradeep Narayana‬ ‪goo

    Ieee transactions on applied superconductivity 19 3 640643 2009 18 2009 magnetic recording write head with selected write gap current direction for minimization of crosstrack interference us patent 10891974 2021 2021 the system cant perform the operation now try again

  • Magnetic Separation Using A Switchable System Of

    In high gradient magnetic separation the separator consists of a ferromagnetic matrix which is energized by an external field source the aim of this work is to develop a viable magnetic separation system utilizing permanent magnets as the field source the use of such a source has several advantages over an electromagnetic or superconducting system mainly obviating the need for

  • Index To The Us Patent Classification

    Index to the us patent classification what follows is part of the index to the us manual of classifications for patents as you scroll through the list and encounter a classsubclass of interest you can jump back to the top and retreive patent titles by entering the classsubclass in the box

  • Experience With Displex Gm

    Jan 01 1994 references 1 longsworth rc refrigeration methods and apparatus us patent 3620029 1971 2 murray fs hwang kp bourke el and kadi fj total cryogen recondensation for mobile mri paper presented at 6th intersociety cryogenics symposium miami beach florida usa 1986 3 longsworth rc and reinoelfl jb cryogenic cooling

  • Magnetic Separation Techniques And Hts Magnets

    Jan 01 1999 conventional lowsuperconducting wire has been used to increase the field and to reduce normal electromagnetic winding resistive loss and now the bi2223ag hts wire provides a new opportunity for higher magnetic field and efficiency for use in a highgradient magnetic separator as the magnetic field winding magnetic separation techniques are

  • Magnetic Separation Using High

    Jan 01 1999 marston p g nolan j j and lontai l m 1971 magnetic separator and magnetic separation method us patent 3627678 google scholar 5 watson j h p 1973 magnetic filtration j appl phys 44 9 4209 crossref google scholar 6 watson j h p 1992 the design for a hight c superconducting magnetic separator supercond

  • Demineralization Of Low Grade Coal – A Review

    Jan 01 2015 gravityenhanced highgradient magnetic separation has been successfully applied for the removal of mineral impurities from coal with a 4t superconducting solenoid magnet under optimum separation conditions this technique effectively cleaned up to 72 of the pyritic sulfur and 44 of the ash content from a typical pulverized coal in a

  • A Superconducting High

    Jul 01 1986 a superconducting highgradient magnetic separator with a currentcarrying matrix int j miner process 17 161185 a new magnetic separator is presented consisting of a currentcarrying wire matrix in an applied magnetic field this machine has particular advantages with superconduct ing

  • Superconducting Magnet Design For Open Gradient Magnetic

    Oct 01 1986 well designed superconducting magnets seem to be especially promising for use as open gradient magnetic separators specific magnetic force densities in the region of 100 mn m −3 which are appropriate for the industrial treatment of paramagnetic matter may resultthe magnets can be optimized by choosing a proper winding geometry as well as by using a beneficial superconductor

  • A Smart Fully Integrated Micromachined Separator With Soft

    Oct 15 2010 a smart fully integrated micromachined separator with soft magnetic micropillar arrays has been developed and demonstrated which can merely employ one independent labonchip to realize cell isolation the simulation design microfabrication and test for the new electromagnetic micro separator were

  • pdf Repairing Ndbco

    Samples were made from powders htscyba 2 cu 3 o x that were separated by the method the electromagnetic separation ems and developed by the author

  • pdf Water Purification Using Magnetic Assistance A

    They invented an electromagnetic device to treat including other interacting forces can be referred from the works boiler feed water in 1873 hay received the first us patent for a of watson 46 lubrowsky 47 clarkson 48 uchima 49 birss water treatment device that employed a magnetic field

  • M91 Fasthall™ Measurement Controller

    This breakthrough results in faster and more accurate measurements especially when using high field superconducting magnets or when measuring very low mobility materials protected by us patent number 9797965 other patents

  • Magnetic Separation For Nuclear Material Surveillance

    This enables the prediction of high gradient magnetic separator performance for a variety of materials and applications the model can be used to optimize the capture cross section and thus increase the capture efficiency office of technology transfer alameda ca united states us corporation us patent 5538701 960723 1996 google

  • Thomas Alva Edison – Boarische Wikipedia

    Us patent 0434588 – magnetic oreseparator us patent 0434589 – propelling mechanism for electric vehicles us patent 0435687 – means for charging and using secondary

  • Magnetic Separator

    United states patent 4668383 abstract a magnetic separator for separating relatively magnetic particles from relatively nonmagnetic particles comprises a superconducting magnet providing a uniform magnetic field and a current carrying conductor dispersed in the field such that relatively magnetic particles are captured by the conductor

  • Centrifugal Separator

    United states patent 6424067 high temperature superconducting magnetic bearings 19930105 mcmichael et al 310905 5166566 3 a centrifugal separator as claimed in claim 2 in which each of the magnetic elements has axially spaced magnetic poles of opposite polarity one pole of each being disposed axially proximate a like pole of

  • Wastewater Treatment System By Superconducting Magnetic

    United states patent 7473356 the wastewater containing the magnetismadded or magnetismseeded material to be separated is transferred to a superconducting magnetic separator 3 and is passed through the highstrength and highgradient magnetic field generated by a solenoidtype superconducting magnet in the case of an opentype filter

  • Mon Mesin Crusher Batubara Harga

    Us patent 3 942 643 superconducting magnetic separator silica sand mine jaw crusher machine crusher run greenvale s hp 700 hydraulic cone crusher of company usa indirect heated rotary kiln for sale download skripsi tentang crusher pada batubara gold slag rotary dryer rental in ghana desulfurized gyp crusher plant clay crusher equipment

  • Us Patent Class 62

    Us patent class 62 refrigeration electronic file wrappers electronic services df class notes 1 df consumable products produced by cooling 31 df using electrical or magnetic effect 32 df thermoelectric eg peltier effect 33 df heat pump selective heating and cooling with separatorclarifier for cooled fluid or

  • Jms Vol 53 No 3 2017

    Wet magnetic separation of abagur tailings 0007 mm in size allowed recovery of 06 to 145 of magnetic fraction with fe total content of 533 and 516 respectively and fe mag content of 498 and 485 fitting of modern separators with the magnetic systems based on neodymium–ferrum–boron considerably improves output of the machines

  • pdf Magnetic Matrices Used In High Gradient Magnetic

    62 ap william f howell filter cartridge for a magnetic separator us patent 1975 63 kelland d dobby g maxwell e efficient hgms for highly magnetic

  • Official Gazette Of The United States Patent And

    • mailing and hand carry addresses for mail to the united states patent and trademark office • reference collections of us patents available for public use in patent and trademark resource centers • patent technology centers copies of patents are furnished by the patent and trademark office at 300 each plant patents in color 1500 each copies of trademarks at

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